[coldbox-3.8.1] Rewrite rules, IIS and Railo - OMG

This is driving me absolutely insane. Railo (4.x), for whatever reason, uses css/js links in the admin screens like this:

With the suggested rewrite rules for IIS, the browser is not able to load these css/js links, hence resulting in an almost unusable interface. I have narrowed it down to this block of rewrite rule code in the web.config file:

Unfortunately, if I disable this section, links on the site such as: site.com/myHandler/myEvent no longer work. It seems I can’t have it both ways. Now, the suggested rewrite rules also include this block, at the top.

It would seem the intention is to prevent any rewrites from happening that involve these paths. Unfortunately, they do not “stopProcessing” as indicated. I’m assuming that either the regex is bad or its some other reason. I’m no regex wizard, nor a rewrite genius. I really could use some help here.

It seems utterly impossible that I’m the first person to run into this issue.

No your not and it is as simple as putting a rule in to stop that in the rewrite rules, which you just add the resources to the existing line you have above or you create a separate rule in case you wish to remove it later. Up too you.

Sorry to ask for clarity but do you know exactly what I should put? So the "Railo" rule doesn't ignore those things the way it's written, clearly I need some hand holding.

It seems utterly impossible that I’m the first person to run into this issue.

You’d be surprised. Out of the people using Railo and ColdBox, many of them are probably on Apache/Nginx and even if they are on IIS, they might not be using full rewrites. I’d help, but the last time I used IIS at a job, I was on Adobe CF; and now that I use Railo for all my stuff, I’m on Apache and Nginx :slight_smile:



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Sorry I use HeliconTech mod_rewrite it is far more powerful than IIS rewrite engine.

But can’t you just add it to the line you posted with the cfide regex?

Just FYI, “railo-context” is in that regex that I originally posted.