[coldbox:3.8] Application Requires ReInit if not accessed after about 10 minutes.

We’ve setup a new server (Lucee 5.1) and moved an existing coldbox application to it.

The site runs fine, however if the site is not accessed for a number of minutes (about 15 or so), when we go back to the site it hangs for about 30 seconds then returns the below error.

The only way to get passed this error is to ?fwreinit=pw … which reloads the app and all is fine again. Obviously can’t make the site live until this is resolved.

Any ideas on what we are missing? Is there a config setting that could be causing this?

Many Thanks in Advance for any pointers!!

Message No matching Method/Function for Number.getExceptionService() found
Stacktrace The Error Occurred in
[site-root]/coldbox/system/Coldbox.cfc: line 145

> 143: <!— Trap Framework Errors —>
> 144:
> 145:
> 146: <cfset exceptionBean = exceptionService.ExceptionHandler(cfcatch,“framework”,“Framework Initialization/Configuration Exception”)>
> 147: #exceptionService.renderBugReport(ExceptionBean)#


I’ve never seen anything like that. The cbcontroller variable looks to be a number! Can you check and make sure no Lucee debugging settings are on as they can really slow down a server. Also, try catching the error and dumping out the contents of the application scope as a test.

I haven’t done much testing on Lucee 5.1. Can you try 5.0 and see if the same issues are there. Also, what does FusionReactor show the threads are doing while it is hanging for 30 seconds? What is your application timeout set to?



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Been meaning to setup and get my head around Fusion Reactor for a while but just never got around to it. This is the chance… will install and do some inspection over next couple of days.

All debugging on Lucee is turned off.

Also getting the below error occasionally when attempt to load site pre ?fwreinit

Will update with Fusion Reactor findings shortly.

a timeout occurred after 30 seconds trying to acquire a read-only lock with name [E45060C71C32BD0EDF58427C1F6B4106].
Stacktrace The Error Occurred in
[siteroot]/coldbox/system/Coldbox.cfc: line 439


called from /var/www/sites.membes.com.au/Application.cfc: line 87