coldbox 3.81 Not processing setnextevent or runevent

Hi all,

I have an issue that is puzzling me. I have an event that is generating a report via excel using cfcontent. The idea is that during the excel generation there is a possibility of there being an error in the report. The idea is that I would then notify the user with a message in the messagebox that an error has occurred.

So far, everything is working ok but when the page processes, the setnextevent or even run event doesn’t work. I even tried to throw in a cflocation but no dice.

Any suggestions on things to try?



Generate query for the report and pass query into exportData to generate the excel file Both of these are not run at the same time. I have tried both

last part of exportData (Which creates the excel file)

Now this does generate a report no problem, it just won’t relocate to another page.

Follow up.

I changed a few things up.

I am writing the spreadsheet with SpreadsheeWrite then send the file by calling fileUtils.sendFile()

The issue is, when I send the file, processing stops at that point.
renEvent still doesn’t run.

Does anyone else experience this?

I wouldn’t expect you to be able to use redirect headers, when you’ve already dedicated the HTTP response to serving a file

Can you open a new window to download the file and redirect in the main window?



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I’ll try that and see if that and see what I come up with.