[coldbox-4.1.0] Accessing injected variables from VirtualEntityService's init function

I can’t seem to access any injected variables from within the “init” function. Is it possible?

e.g. the following will give me an error of “someSetting is undefined”.


if (someSetting eq "1")

super.init(entityName=“MyEntity1”, useQueryCaching=true, defaultAsQuery=false);
else {
super.init(entityName=“MyEntity2”, useQueryCaching=true, defaultAsQuery=false);

return this;


Hi Nick,

You can init any cfc with wirebox and can pass init-arguments

wirebox example

map(“anycfc”).to(“models.anycfc”).initArg(name=“someSetting”, dsl=“coldbox:setting:SomeSetting”)


create new method onDIComplete() this will be executed after wirebox initialize the object. at this point you can access all properties injected by wirebox

Thanks Sana, that works.