[Coldbox 4.1.0]: Fusebox/Coldbox Hybrid App Layout Question


So where making good progress on making a hybrid Fusebox/Coldbox app. By that I mean we have a legacy app in FB that we want to start converting over to CB for new development. Our goal here is to do minimal to no touching of the current FB app. We have a FB layout file that renders data like so:



The above layout is extremely simplified but should get the idea across. We’d like to have only one layout file we use between the two frameworks. I know CB using a function called ‘#renderView()#’ in the layout, but is there anyway to get the rendered view into the content variables? I looked into Interceptors and it seems like it may be able to help?



You might want to look at this: http://wiki.coldbox.org/wiki/Layouts-Views.cfm#renderView() and see if you can extract individual view. Then, you can construct “content” variable that contains similar structures.

Thanks Ancient Programmer. I’ve read and re-read the documentation and forums about renderView and haven’t been able to come up with a solution. I decided to suck it up and use 2 layouts, one for the FB app and one for the CB app using the standard RenderView().

I don’t think it would be easy to re-use the same exact .cfm file between both apps, but you can still extract out the bits and just include them in each layout so you have as little duplication as possible.



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