[ColdBox-4.1.0] MessageBox WireBox Injection Failing

I have the following interceptor:

component {
property name=“messageBox” inject=“messageBox@cbmessagebox”;

void function configure(){


void function preProcess(event,struct interceptData, buffer){
//getInstance(“messageBox@cbmessagebox”).info( “Hello” );
variables.messageBox.info(“We have a working Interceptor”);

This is a Simple Test

”, statusCode=“401”,statusText=“Unauthorized”).noExecution();


When I attempt to run my application on CF11 I get the following error:

Hi, the issue is a chicken and egg problem where interceptors are loaded before modules are loaded. The easiest method is to defer the creation of the model with a provider. Inject it like so:

property name=“messageBox” inject=“provider:messageBox@cbmessagebox”;



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Thanks Brad!
That solved my problem.