[ColdBox 4.3.0] Where is the 4.3.0 full documentation?

I found intro docs here: https://www.gitbook.com/book/ortus/coldbox-platform-documentation/details; that says it’s “Intro to ColdBox v4.3.0”.

But when I switch the language to Full Docs, it says its “ColdBox Manual - Version 5.0.0”.

Are the full 4.3.0 docs still available somewhere?

They are still there, we are starting to work on the new docs.

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What do you mean, "they're still there"? Seems like the docs at that URL
are gradually transitioning to 5.0, which I'm not using.

Is there an URL or download location for docs for the current release, that
will continue to be for 4.x?


Select Full Docs and download the PDF

I hope that helps.

Did you try that? Those docs say they're 5.0.0.

No idea what other changes from 4.x there are so far, but the bigger
concern is that the 5.x docs will continue to diverge from it as time goes
on, making them less and less useful for 4.x work.

As far as I know, the current doc still applies to version 4.3. Only one
page, "Upgrading to ColdBox 5" that concerning version 5; and that is still
I know it's confusing. Ideally, the doc should not mention version 5 until
the framework is officially launched.

Perhaps, ColdBox team can clarify.