[Coldbox 4] HandlerService.EventHandlerNotRegisteredException


I came across this today when attempting to click on the “relax” link in the Registered Modules section of the Welcome to Coldbox! page.
Also, all of the modules are experiencing this error. I’m sure the issue probably starts with me, but I don’t know why all of a sudden this is happening.
I attempted to revert all of my recent changes to see if it start working again, but still only receive the following error for all modules.
I also tried the different ways of typing in the URL IE) localhost/relax, localhost/index.cfm/relax
I have reinited with fwreinit as well.

This url directly takes me to the relax:

The link in the Welcome to Coldbox! page is using http://localhost/index.cfm/relax

Thank you for any assistance!
Ryan Hinton

Oopsy! Something went wrong!Event: relax:

Routed URL: relax/
Layout: N/A (Module: )
View: N/A
Timestamp: 05/01/2015 12:20:42 PM

To add more to this puzzle, I have uninstalled the Relax module from Commandbox and installed it again from Commandbox. I fwreinit’ed and I still get this error after a fresh install of Relax.

Thank you for any assistance!
Ryan Hinton

Can you try installing relax to a fresh Coldbox site create with “coldbox create app” and report back?



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Hi Brad,

Thank you for the recommendation. I installed a fresh Coldbox and Relax and everything works in this manner. I started adding back some of the files that from the existing problematic version and found that there is a particular setup or file that includes the culprit code. I started on this yesterday but haven’t had a chance to get back to this project, but today I hope to get back to this and pinpoint the problem doing half life of including files.

Thank you, again!
Ryan Hinton