[coldbox:4078] fwreinit - is it possible to retain the flash scope?

I have an interesting issue - I use the flash scope to persist some
important information across a multi-form wizard. I want to be able to
retain the flash variables when I update some code on the site with a
fwreinit=true so if people are in the middle of the form wizard, they
aren't kicked out back to the start just because I refreshed the

Is this possible?


Craig, the fwreinit should not interfere with the flash RAM as it is in a different persistent scope. The only thing you have to watch out for is that the variables in the flash ram might expire as that reinit did not keep() all the variables.

I would suggest you intercept at the onReinit() interception point and call a flash.keep() so it can keep the flash ram for you. Also, remember that flash ram is unique per person, so if you reinit, that doesn’t mean that you wipe out another user’s flash ram.

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Fantastic, thanks that answers it perfectly. It's not as great issue
as I thought, but I will still probably look into intercepting at the
onReinit call so I can keep the flash vars on my own session on