[coldbox:4134] Silent Error Handling

-I am using SES on a shared host without access to rewrite the URL.
So, my URL's contain 'index.cfm/'.

-In my CSS I am using relative URL's to image files like this:

-My production CustomErrorTemplate template sends me an email with a
dump of the ExceptionBean

The problem I am having is that when some dynamic UI change is made
via jQuery, and the styles that include relative image paths are
applied, I am getting this error in my email:

An invalid event has been detected: [mgc.handlers.apps] The action
requested: [images] does not exists in the specified handler.

It appears that since 'index.cfm/' is in my relative CSS paths that
ColdBox is throwing an error when an image is requested from the
server. The user doesn't see any error, and the images load just
fine. I just get flooded with emails whenever someone is clicking
around in site.

I'm thinking there are two possible solutions. One is kludgey, and
the other I don’t know how to do. The kludgey solution would be to
add an onMissingAction event for the /images calls on all of my
handlers where I am having this problem. What seems like the correct
solution, but the solution I don’t know how to implement, is to add
something to my routes that ignores image requests. What is the best
way to handle this?

Any chance your host will let you add an entry into mod_rewrite (or the ISAPI filter, if IIS)? If so, you can bypass the framework for loading static assets.

Jason Durham

Use the tag in HTML to tell the browser the base href so you don’t get any of these errors.

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I recently changed hosts from HostMySite.com to Hostek, so I went back and checked with Hostek and it looks like I am supposed to have the ISAPI filter. However, the version test they offer failed. I am checking with them to see what’s up. I really would like to be rewriting my URL’s. I’ll wait to see what they say.


It appears that the CSS doesn’t “mind” the HTML. I just decided change my URL paths in my CSS to be relative to the root rather than relative to the CSS. It looks like that fixed the issue. All I am losing is portability if I ever decide to change the subdirectory the app lives in, and it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if I did.

Thanks to both of you for your help!