[Coldbox 5.2.0] Confused about integrating rest in v5^

** I have created REST components in ColdFusion in the past, but I am wanting to use this framework for my current project (migrating non-coldbox site to cb 5.2.0)

looking up info about adding REST functionality to an app (v5) and it seems that things have changed from the documentation that was updated 9 mos ago. Looking at the “what’s New” page, I am reading about inherited entry point and the example structure, etc. is confusing me. Additionally,

I am trying to follow the examples in “Building Rest APIs” by creating a test app with the rest skeleton, but that doesn’t look like the modules-app example, noted in “what’s new”.

If there is a simple REST example I can refer to, I will try to figure it out.

Thanks for any help!

Bill Beers

*** Posted in Slack as well, sorry for cross-post.

I replied in Slack since that’s where I saw this first.

Bill. Welcome aboard.

There are two approaches to building APIs.

  1. MVC style
    This is what’s in the initial guides and the simplest approach. You have a single app router and you create handlers and responses. The rest template can be used and it’s very simple to start with.

  2. HMVC style
    This approach leverages the hierarchical MVC approach in coldbox vía modules. This is a more advanced approach as it requires you to think about your api as a collection of hierarchical module/resources. It is the most flexible but yes more advanced approach.

I do not know where you stand on comfort level for coldbox. But if you are just starting with MVC I would recommend the traditional approach first.

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