[coldbox-5.3.0] location for library

Easy one, I trust: what’s the ColdBox convention for location for library like:

According to the box.json, it’s a module, so /modules :slight_smile:

It looks like the maintainer has not added it to ForgeBox, so you can install it like so and CommandBox will take care of the conventions for you.

install cfsimplicity/lucee-spreadsheet


Next question is: do I need to rename the resulting directory so that it does not have a dash in it…?


…because I can’t do:

spreadsheet = new modules.lucee-spreadsheet.spreadsheet();


I think that was short sightedness on the behalf of the maintainer. I think you can either use createobject or you can actually quote the CFC path with the new keyword. This isn’t usually an issue since WireBox maps the models and you can just get them as “modelName@moduleName” however this particular module doesn’t seem to use the standard conventions to allow that out of the box which is too bad.

quote the CFC path with the new keyword

Sorry, what would that look like?

I know this works on Lucee.

foo = new “rev-sws.models.SWS_Common_Pooled”();

Confirmed, that works. Ugly, but it works. Thanks!