[Coldbox 5.5][Lucee 3.2.9] Deployment of Commandbox/Docker images to AWS ECS Fargate

I am considering the deployment of a Coldbox application to an AWS serverless environment such as ECS Fargate. ECS Fargate can apparently host containerised deployments without requiring to spin off any instances. By the same token, I have also in mind to use Aurora MySQL serverless to hold the application data. I believe this strategy could be cost effective to run a Coldbox application deployed to AWS as a proof of concept. My questions are:

  • Does this approach make sense technically?
  • Is this approach complex to implement?
  • Has anybody in the CFML/Coldbox community already done so?
  • Is there a checklist somewhere available that I could use as a guide in order to do this?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Hey Philippe,

I’m currently using Bitbucket pipelines to deploy a commandbox/coldbox app to Fargate in a blue/green deployment with code deploy. I’ve been meaning to share my process. I’d like to package it up into a cloudformation template at some point. Have you gotten any further with it?


Hi Emmet,

Thanks for your re-mail. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I would be keen to know about the deployment process to AWS Fargate. I would be interested in a CloudFormation template but I did not have a chance to work on it yet as I am still very much in development phase. Anything that helps in that direction would be very useful to target the AWS cloud with my Coldbox/Lucee application.

Best regards

Philippe Sambor