[coldbox-5.6.2] renderLayout not doing what I expect

This code…

oMail.setBody(renderLayout(layout=“standard”, view=“home/welcome-to-launchops”, module=“MailTemplates”, viewModule=“MailTemplates”));

gives me the Layout “standard” output correctly but seems to ignore the view entirely while this code…

oMail.setBody(renderView(view=“home/welcome-to-launchops”, module=“MailTemplates”)

…gives me exactly the view I would expect. prePostExempt made no difference in the renderLayout. I found one post to groups from about 2015 that never got an answer to the question so I don’t know for sure what I could be doing wrong. With each test I’m dumping oMail.getMemento() (the current cbMailServices module with the CFMailProtocol…which by the way send the email just fine) and I can see (in the renderLayout example) JUST the html for the layout but nothing from the view. Both layout and view are in the same module.

Any ideas why renderLayout is not working?



Duh…never mind. The 2015 posting guy was probably too embarrassed to follow up :slight_smile: Tip: don’t forget to include a #renderView()# in your layout if you expect them to work together.