[Coldbox 5] Lucee 5.2.7 Coldbox production deployment

I would like to install Coldbox and my developments on a remote Linux production server where I currently have minimum access (e.g no SSH command line), only a control panel.
How do I install CommandBox on the remote server? Do I absolutely need root SSH access to do that or is there an alternative approach?

Thanks for your reply.


I would assume you would at least have FTP access. Then you could set up the site locally and just move the files across.

Hi Brad, Thanks for the feedback!

What about licensing? Lucee being open source, I assume I have no issue with licensing costs, am I correct? But if a customer wants Adobe ColdFusion, what happens with the licensing when I spin a production Adobe CF server with CommandBox? Am I supposed to buy an Adobe license prior to CF production deployment? Thanks for the clarification.


Lucee Server is free. Adobe CF on CommandBox works just like Adobe CF without CommandBox-- you need to have an appropriate per-core license applied to the server. There is one catch though, an Enterprise license is required for CommandBox since Adobe recognizes it as a J2E install.