[ColdBox 5.x] key [B64142965B54AA1A108458D073865C4F] doesn't exist

Hi There,

Does any one know why I am getting this error in the ColdBox framework and how I can stop this from happening?

The error occurs intermittently and I am unble to replicate the error in my development environment but i think it is either occurring when I reboot Lucee or when I leave a development application for long periods of time and the App Key expires.

B64142965B54AA1A108458D073865C4F is an example ColdBox App Key generated by the ColdBox Framework.

Here is an example of the error:

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It could be Application timeout. Please check the value of Application timeout in (Application.cfc or Lucee web interface)

Many thanks Sana,

I will look into that and adjust the timeout settings. It does sound like the Application timeout settings may not be quite right.

If that is the case it also sounds like a bug in the Coldbox framework and probably should refresh or regenerate the AppKey on error or on timeout.


I would guess you are manually clearing the application scope somewhere in your code. Even if there is an application timeout, you would never see this error. The next request would run the onApplicationStart!

Many thanks Brad,

I have made changes to the Application and session timeout settings in my applications and in Lucee (timeout settings are overriden at code level but just in case).

I wouldnt kill or override the application scope (double checked to make sure :-)) but I was killing the cbox_flash_scope as apart of my application security and force logout routine.

That was the only suspect I could find in my code and I have now refactored this code to not do that.

I will keep an eye on it,

Many thanks Brad!