[Coldbox 6.2.1][Testbox 4.2.1] Testbox 4 stability issues with Quick ORM

I am migrating a Quick ORM project from Coldbox 5.6.2 to Coldbox 6.2.1. To do so, I first install the quick-with-auth template as a base project, which I then customise with the rest of the code I’ve got to migrate.

The base project works fine after the template installation, meaning I can register and login a user. However, Testbox gives me problems at that stage with an error on the default test SessionSpec.cfc as illustrated below. Moreover Testbox 4 appears unstable, producing different outputs after successive runs.

Has anybody come across similar issues? Never had Testbox problems in the previous Coldbox 5.6.2 environment after a quick-with-auth template installation.

Any suggestion is welcome.

test results.png