Coldbox 6.2.2 - Adobe Coldfusion 2021

I read there were a couple of issues with ACF 2021 and Coldbox but they are marked as resolved. If I try a generic “coldbox create app testapp” and then “server start cfengine=adobe@2021” I get an error that says “The Feed Package is not installed” along with a little snippet on how to install. If I stop the server and restart using “server start cfengine=lucee” or “server start cfengine=adobe@2016” then all is well. The Coldbox version is 6.2.2. Is this an error in the new Coldfusion 2021? Or something additional we’ll have to do going forward?

Thank you!

This post should answer your questions

TL:DR is wait for update 1 to come out before you try coldbox in 2021

I thought might be related to the Coldfusion instance firing up itself on Windows rather than anything to do with Coldbox so I took Coldbox out of it and just made a generic cfm page and app cfc. Then did "start cfengine=adobe@2021” and all is well. So it’s something related to what Coldbox needs. The OS running on is Windows 10.

Brad, just saw your post immediately after I hit reply. Thank you. I read that blog entry but didn’t pay close enough attention to part of it I think.

I added the feed package per the instructions on the page. That fixed that but now I get “Element WELCOMEMESSAGE is undefined in PRC.”. Works with adobe@2016 but not 2021. Tried rebooting as I thought maybe something in that feed package needed that but still same. Is that something that update 1 mentioned above deals with? Thank you! Sorry for all the rush. We’re still on 2016 and things are being decided on upgrade schedule across the university so being asked about any issues with Coldbox and latest ACF. Thanks again!

The prc error is a bug in 2021 that should be fixed in Adobe’s first update (don’t know when it’s coming out though). Like I said in my previous post, don’t use 2021 with coldbox yet. Unless you want to find the hotfix on their bug tracker and test that.