[Coldbox 6.4][cbdebugger 3.0.0] Debugger Not Loading CSS File

I installed cbdebugger using Commandbox and copied over the default configuration from Github to my Coldbox config file. I had to change the cborm and qb settings to false from the defaults.

I can see the cbdebugger content at the bottom of the page, however, it fails to load the CSS file so the debugger code is difficult to read. I can see in the HTML source it attempts to load the following after the </html> tag:

<link href="/modules/cbdebugger/includes/css/app.css" rel="stylesheet">

However, I can see in the /modules/cbdebugger/includes/css folder that the app.css has a hash appended to it and it’s actually named: App.7fb451c0e55f9b8eaa70.css

Here’s my full cbdebugger config for reference:

cbDebugger = {
	// Master switch to enable/disable request tracking into storage facilities.
	enabled : true,
	// Turn the debugger UI on/off by default. You can always enable it via the URL using your debug password
	// Please note that this is not the same as the master switch above
	// The debug mode can be false and the debugger will still collect request tracking
	debugMode : true,
	// The URL password to use to activate it on demand
	debugPassword  : "cb:null",
	// Request Tracker Options
	requestTracker : {
		// Track all cbdebugger events, by default this is off, turn on, when actually profiling yourself :) How Meta!
		trackDebuggerEvents          : false,
		// Store the request profilers in heap memory or in cachebox, default is cachebox
		storage                      : "cachebox",
		// Which cache region to store the profilers in
		cacheName                    : "template",
		// Expand by default the tracker panel or not
		expanded                     : true,
		// Slow request threshold in milliseconds, if execution time is above it, we mark those transactions as red
		slowExecutionThreshold       : 1000,
		// How many tracking profilers to keep in stack: Default is to monitor the last 20 requests
		maxProfilers                 : 50,
		// If enabled, the debugger will monitor the creation time of CFC objects via WireBox
		profileWireBoxObjectCreation : false,
		// Profile model objects annotated with the `profile` annotation
		profileObjects               : false,
		// If enabled, will trace the results of any methods that are being profiled
		traceObjectResults           : false,
		// Profile Custom or Core interception points
		profileInterceptions         : false,
		// By default all interception events are excluded, you must include what you want to profile
		includedInterceptions        : [],
		// Control the execution timers
		executionTimers              : {
			expanded           : true,
			// Slow transaction timers in milliseconds, if execution time of the timer is above it, we mark it
			slowTimerThreshold : 250
		// Control the coldbox info reporting
		coldboxInfo : { expanded : false },
		// Control the http request reporting
		httpRequest : {
			expanded        : false,
			// If enabled, we will profile HTTP Body content, disabled by default as it contains lots of data
			profileHTTPBody : false
	// ColdBox Tracer Appender Messages
	tracers     : { enabled : true, expanded : false },
	// Request Collections Reporting
	collections : {
		// Enable tracking
		enabled      : false,
		// Expanded panel or not
		expanded     : false,
		// How many rows to dump for object collections
		maxQueryRows : 50,
		// Max number to use when dumping objects via the top argument
		maxDumpTop: 5
	// CacheBox Reporting
	cachebox : { enabled : false, expanded : false },
	// Modules Reporting
	modules  : { enabled : false, expanded : false },
	// Quick and QB Reporting
	qb       : {
		enabled   : false,
		expanded  : false,
		// Log the binding parameters
		logParams : true
	// cborm Reporting
	cborm : {
		enabled   : false,
		expanded  : false,
		// Log the binding parameters (requires CBORM 3.2.0+)
		logParams : true
	// Async Manager Reporting
	async : {
		enabled : true,
		expanded : false

Is there something in my config that I need to adjust in order to get the css file to render?

If I manually rename App.7fb451c0e55f9b8eaa70.css to App.css everything works as far as I can tell. It looks like cbdebugger was able to load the js files okay, but not the CSS so maybe something is going on with elixirPath().

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I had the same issue, but the js didn’t load either.