[Coldbox 6.5.2] Helpers and Interceptor Conflicts

This was addressed in this post here, https://ortussolutions.atlassian.net/browse/COLDBOX-1030, but i was hoping for some clarity on this.

The fix I understand going forward is making sure our own Interceptors don’t have the same function name as a function inside a helper? Cause this happens with any module and I am experiencing it now with cbvalidation and cbauth. So we have to be aware anytime we add new modules our applications could just break by just including the module because the creator happened to call their function the same as we do?

I just want to have clarity so we can start prefixing all interceptor functions or stop using command box and just manually download the modules and edit the functions in those modules to avoid conflicts


This has always been the case when module authors add mixin helpers to their modules. There can be conflicts with other variables. That’s just the way it is.

Maybe in the future we can consider a flag that users can turn on/off with helpers.

Okay cool, so then on my interceptors i don’t need to inject say
property name=“auth” inject=“authenticationService@cbauth”;
I can just call auth() when needed.