[Coldbox 6.6.1] 404 error for invalid event

Is there any reason why on top of EventHandlerNotRegisteredException, it’s also throwing a 404 error in HandlerService.invalidEvent? We have to comment it out for now cause it’s just giving us 404 errors with no chance to handle the EventHandlerNotRegisteredException at all.

// If we got here, we have an invalid event and no override, throw a 404 ERROR
	.setHTTPHeader( statusCode = 404, statusText = "Not Found" );

// Invalid Event Detected, log it in the Application log, not a coldbox log but an app log
	"Invalid Event detected: #arguments.event#. Path info: #CGI.PATH_INFO#, query string: #CGI.QUERY_STRING#"

// Throw Exception
	message: "The event: #arguments.event# is not a valid registered event.",
	type   : "EventHandlerNotRegisteredException"