ColdBox 6.6 Released!

Today we are excited to release ColdBox v6.6.0 and its standalone companion libraries: CacheBox, LogBox and WireBox. This release has taken quite a few months and tons of years of research to complete. One of the biggest features we where able to get into WireBox an make it a Hierarchical Dependency Injection framework. This is our first huge step into allowing multi-dependency management in ColdBox Modules. This means that you will be able to have modules of different versions running within the same ColdBox app and each module will be able to get the right dependency that it needs. With that said, let’s explore this release.


Pretty sweet, Luis! Looks like a big release. I’m pretty excited about the new directory structure, for security reasons I like keeping a public/ directory… and this is consistent with other app frameworks ( I think), such as Laravel and Symfony.

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