[Coldbox 7.2.1] Strange Characters in Whoops Code Preview

Has anyone else noticed that Whoops Coldbox Exceptions are showing little boxes with question marks in it, instead of spaces? I feel like it started behaving this way about 4-5 days ago.


When I paste the question mark characters into the UNICODE character identifier it comes up as: “U+0014 character”

I can see the question marks in the following browsers:
Chrome 120.0.6099.130
Thorium 117.0.5938.157
Edge 120.0.2210.77

I don’t see the question marks in:
Firefox 121.0

Server Engines Tested (all from CommandBox):

The Content-Type response header is text/html;charset=UTF-8 which looks correct to me.

Anyway, not a huge deal but was curious if I was the only one.

Is this in Windows? If so you may need to set your pageencoding directive to UTF-8.

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Yeah, on Windows 10. Do you mean cfprocessingdirective? That was also on my list of suspects. However, Whoops.cfm has <cfprocessingdirective pageEncoding="utf-8"> on the first line.

More information:

I see that the code view is being rendered in Consolas font:

Consolas doesn’t support the U+0014 character.

In Firefox, the character is omitted. However, in Chrome (and related browsers), the character is represented by a question mark.