[ColdBox 7.3][hyper]: Duplicate query params

params = {};
params["returnFormat"] = "datatables";
params["search"] = "test";
params["offset"] = 0;
params["max"] = 10;

SPACE = chr(32);
params["sortOrder"] = "location" & SPACE & "asc";

hyper = getInstance("HyperBuilder@hyper");

response = hyper
	.setBaseUrl( "https://api.somedomain.com" )
	.setHeaders( {
		"Authorization": "Bearer XXXXX"
	} ) 
	.setMethod( "GET" )
	.setUrl( "/transactions" )
	.withQueryParams( params )

It was working fine; and suddenly, the query params shows duplicates. I also tried with setQueryParam(name, value) and showing duplicates. I was wondering if anyone have experienced this issue. Any solutions?


  • AWS Lightsail - Windows Server 2019
  • Lucee
  • IIS 10
  • ColdBox 7.3
  • Hyper 7.5.2

Retrieved from response.getRequest()

That’s real strange. Are you able to make that fail in the test suite? I haven’t heard of any reports like this nor seen it myself.

I just made a new site with a clean installation of ColdBox framework and Hyper module as well as cbSecurity for authentication. I tried the above; and the results are still duplicates.
Before that, I even tried on the Lucee from 6.0.1; and the same duplicate results.

The duplicates were sent to the API server. I logged the incoming rc.

{"returnFormat":"datatables,datatables","event":"transactions.index","search":"test,test","offset":"0,0","sortOrder":"distributionLocation asc,distributionLocation asc","max":"10,10"}

Please recreate this as a test and send it as a PR: GitHub - coldbox-modules/hyper: A CFML HTTP Builder

I spinned up a new server. It seems working okay. But still curious what might be the cause.