ColdBox and Mura CMS?

Has anyone tried to integrate ColdBox with a Mura site?

I have a coldbox application that I would like to be integrally connected with my Mura site.

I've seen some suggestions of using ajax to make http requests, but this seems very limiting.

Anyone have any thoughts?


I was looking at this a while ago myself. All I found was that Mura
has a connector for FW/1 framework. You could look and see how that
is achieved and possibly a similar implementation would work with
ColdBox. It would make a good addition to ForgeBox.

Yep let me know and I will help out

I'm going down this path. I have some paid support hours left with BlueRiver… I am going to see if I can't leverage their experience as well.

I'm still a bit of a novice CF guy and am not exactly sure how variables are scoped, but I'm going to take a first pass at getting something working and will make a github repo and share it with the list.

Wish me luck :slight_smile: