ColdBox and recaptcha

I am using ColdBox 3.0.0 RC2-318-GENESIS is that possible enable the recaptcha plugin here. Amd how would the form look like. Also Is that possible to do the human validation without form refresh otherwise I will lose all the data that the user previously enter

Than kyou

It is all possible.

But why would you be using an RC2 still when the final release is now 3.1?

Well I started the project and I will Update the coldbox later on. So How it can be done

Well I am assuming you mean the one in ForgeBox, secondly I think the instructions on how to use it a very self explanatory.

So what exactly is your question?

Do you have an issue with using it, is there something that is not working, or do you just want to know what the installations instructions tell you?

well where exactly do I need to put the key. It said put it in config file.

Same place you put any settings in ColdBox.cfc

You may find the answer here if you haven’t read the docs yet, scroll down to settings near the bottom.