ColdBox and Taffy

I need to create a rest service and I was looking to taffy framework that seems powerful. However I don’t know where to start for implementing it in a coldbox app.

Could you give me some input?

It seems that a good alternative module from coldbox is relax that do not provide all the functionality, but a relax pro module exists as noticed here: [COLDBOX-139] REST Module for enterprise APIs - Welcome

Is this relax pro module available somewhere? is a commercial module?

Rest is built into Coldbox…

Yep, no need for an additional framework-- ColdBox already does everything you need!

Relax, doesn’t add REST functionality into ColdBox so much as it provides a toolset to help you build out and test your API. We have never made a pro version of Relax. It’s one of our many, MANY ideas hanging out on the back burner. Perhaps we’ll look at it in the future if we see more interest.



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+1 for Relax Pro.