Coldbox App Lucee Password

When an app is created in coldbox and lucee server is started, what is the default password so I can log into admin?

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There is no default Lucee password. You can set one though with CFConfig. I use the CFConfig and Dotenv module, setting a gloval env var called cfconfig_adminPassword which automatically sets the default admin password on any local server I start.

propertyFile set ~/.box.env cfconfig_adminPassword Password123!
install commandbox-cfconfig
install commandbox-dotenv

(Note, both of these modules install by default now on CommandBox 5.8.0)

Thank you so much, I will see if I can make that work!! I truly appreciate your response!!!

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I actually discovered that the default lucee password is coldbox!!!

That is because it is in the boilerplate Coldbox template. You should probably change that. :slight_smile:

I did change it after I found it! Thank you!!!

Hmm, @lmajano I don’t think we should have a default password for Lucee hardcoded in our templates. That undermines functionality of CFConfig which sets a random password for security in production profile to prevent a missing password from going to prod.

All templates are updated now

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Since Lucee has two admins: Server and Web, does this work for the Web Admin tab as well?
For example: cfconfig set webPassword=newPassword to=server ??


That’s not the syntax. If you want to set the web context password, you still use the adminPassword, but you specify a toFormat of luceeWeb.

cfconfig set adminPassword=foo toFormat=luceeWeb

Now, that said-- CFConfig will AUTOMATICALLY set the web context password to the same as the server context password if you haven’t specified a web context password so unless you need them to be different, just setting one is enoug.

Thank you!

I was able to also set the password from the server admin. I must have previously set it as it didn’t change it. I appreciate the heads up on that matter as well!

I’ve been wanting to review the cfconfig part, thanks for the link!

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