Coldbox Apps running aloingside ContentBox 2.0 and Legacy apps


I have some CF legacy apps running on a web-server right now, with the intention now of running a CMS (Contentbox) and developing newer Coldbox apps on top moving forward. Through reading the documentation, I’ve seen in many places that simply placing the Coldbox system files into the webroot works well/most do.
Since Contentbox is based off of coldbox 3.8, and all new development will be based off of Coldbox 4, are there any issues ?
I see that a main change for Coldbox 4 is:

// Old code
component extends='coldbox.system.Coldbox' { }

// New code
component extends='coldbox.system.Bootstrap' { }

So there shouldn't be??

Can I test this with the sample apps?  

What the Webroot Directory should look like:

+ {Web_Root/contentbox install dir}
>---+ coldbox
    >---+ ApplicationTemplate
    >---+ install
    >---+ samples
    >---+ system
>---+ legacyapp1
>---+ legacyapp2
>---+ coldbox4.0app
>---+ coldbox4.0app
>---+ contentbox


You may wish to read this, it appears to be just a rename from ColdBox to Bootstrap.

As of now ContentBox will have to only run on 3.8. You can leverage per-app mappings for this instead of one ColdBox for all.