Coldbox as included package/component in application

Hi all,

I would like to ask you whether it is possible to have coldbox as a
component/package of an application without affecting other
applications in the server?
The configuration we have now in our DEV servers is that we have
coldbox in the web root of the server at the same level as our
application (and other applications from other people/groups of the
organisation). It means, as far as I understand (please correct me if
I'm wrong), that all applications have access to "our" coldbox. It
can even be the case that some of them already have applications in
production using older versions of coldbox. So, to avoid that problem,
I would like to "include" the coldbox framework as part of our
application so that there are no conflicts (in the same way the
component .jar are included in java/j2ee apps).

is it possible?

Thanks in advance,
Miro Casanova

Yes. Setup an application mapping using Application.cfc so each application is pointing to it’s own ColdBox. Then, make sure you have unchecked “Cache Component Paths” in the CF Admin > Caching page (important or you’ll see some bleeding between applications).