ColdBox Book


I have recently started exploring ColdBox and my salute goes to the
whole ColdBox team on their remarkable efforts. Our development team
is now switching from Fusebox to ColdBox, no doubt the main reason of
this switch is ColdBox rich set of sample Apps, Documentation and

Could you please fix the Trac Wiki pages PDF format its strip-off text
on several pages :frowning:

Luis what about the ColdBox book, is there any definite publishing

Is there any future plan to have ColdBox training session in Australia
or New Zealand?



Welcome to the club!

Luis is enjoying a well deserved holiday. When he's back, I'm sure he
gets back to you.



PDF format is totally up to trac app, so we cannot do anything about

Yes we have heard voice for cook-book stuff, there are plans for books
but not ready at this stage.

May be I come down to NZ and kill 2 birds with one stone. (training +
meet you guys, it been long time to see you... LOL)

Also we would be me more than happy to help you guys in the learning
processing of ColdBox.


Yeah that he does..

And this does highlight that a lot of work has gone, not just in the product
but the examples and documentation. Yes I will admit is actually daunting at
times to sift through, but boy does that area get a workout in my browser...

Anyway, big kudos..

And what is this about a book?

Hi boys!! I am baaaack!!

Tons of emails to go through, so sorry for the delays. I have started the book process and hopefully I can get the publishing process and order and setup by the end of the year. However, it all depends on how much time I can devote to it to get it complete. I will check with the Trac setup, to see what it is doing to strip off some stuff.

As for training, it would really have to be a major attendance in order to do training in australia/new zeland in order to cover the costs for travel and setup. If we could get an audience of more than 12 people in the training, I could consider setting it up. Maybe you can do some initial responses and we could plan a training in Australia. The cbox-101 course has been written and our first training session is next week in dallas. So the course is ready!!


That'd be awesome to get our hands on a book. I have to say this
though, based on your current documentation being so darn good --
don't just let your book be a rehash of the current docs. They're
good, but I would buy your book just for additional examples!

Every day I work with Coldbox the more and more I love it. So
organized, pretty dang fast and unparalleled online docs. (Oh, and
the Firefox search gizmo is great, too!)

- Will B.