Coldbox CMS


Anybody have a basic / simple coldbox based CMS.

I need it, in return I can share the development efforts for CMS


I wish we had something like this:


I mentioned this before. I developed a custom proprietary CMS in ColdFusion
- it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to convert this to ColdBox and I
wouldn't mind providing the codebase if you're interested or have a few
folks that are interested in helping convert it to ColdBox. Let me know if
this is something you're interested in still and how you forsee us working
on something like this...


Gary Herman
831.454.0850 x.13 (Office)

Hey guys, we have MuraCMS or FarCry and both are great a nice open source CMS system in ColdFusion.

Why reinventing the wheel!!!

MuraCMS has great integration with any ColdBox project too.

I would suggest to support any of these platforms if you have some power to support open source world on CMS level to get better products for the community.


Oğuz Demirkapı

Hi Gary Herman,

I am interested in converting to ColdBox.

My plan is to use ColdBox v3.0 with CF9 .
CF9 offer so much cool stuff that we can do so much development in a
very less time.

You may catch me at IM sanaullah73 AT



I just added you to my IM - I'd be very interested in starting this
conversation with you and moving our code base to a protected SVN repository
to get things started.

Looking forward to discussing ideas and building a ColdBox implementation...


Gary Herman
831.454.0850 x.13 (Office)

Hi Luis,

Russ Johnson was working on a CMS influenced by Radiant CMS

2009/10/27 Luis Majano <>


We have the CMS, it's already written in CF and quite robust - a couple of
things need to be roughed out, but it's 99% of the way there and
incorporates some very unique and powerful concepts. All we need to do is
convert this to ColdBox and Transfer. I was talking with Sana about this
and there seems to be some interest here. I'm ready to move this to an Open
Source model and get this converted, just need some interested parties to
assist with the coding updates.

BTW, the entire system is already coded in an MVC framework (similar to
MachII, but home-grown).


Gary Herman
831.454.0850 x.13 (Office)

I can surely help out when I can and I know Sana is eager to start on
this so yes go for it. Do you want me to host it in our coldbox
community space in assembla?

Perhaps you could port to Hibernate as well as Transfer using the
built-in ORM functionality?

My 2 cents:
The prospect of having a robust CMS built with ColdBox sounds great.
However, Sana asked for a "simple" CMS, and all this talk about
ColdSpring, Transfer, Hibernate, etc. hardly sounds simple. This
sounds like a great enterprise CMS, but to be honest I don't know how
I'd feel about running CF9 Hibernate on a shared host, for example.

I like Mura CMS when I need a lot of out-of-the-box functionality (and
it's great to extend). However, I think Mura can be overkill for some
of my smaller clients who only need to edit or add a page here and
there. So I've actually been working on a very simple, lightweight
ColdBox-based CMS on the side. Unfortunately it's nowhere near ready
at this point. Once it's done and I've put it through it's motions in
production for a while, I'll probably make it public.

I'm still looking forward to whatever comes out of this, though. And
thanks, Gary, for contributing this CMS to the community.


Yep, I think we're on the same page here...

Having a Coldbox based CMS would be a real bonus for the Coldbox community
and since we already have an evolutionary working model in ColdFusion, it
makes sense to just convert it over. While no simple task, it seems like an
excellent opportunity to bring this to the open-source world.

If anyone is interested in working on this with us, please let me know.
We'll try and get things rolling within the next 2 weeks.


Gary Herman
831.454.0850 x.13 (Office)


I’d be interested in contributing as I’m currently converting an enterprise CF application (lots of spaghetti and Fusebox 1) to ColdBox. As part of the application involves the need for a CMS I’d be very keen to help/contribute/test/whatever because I’d start using it right away!



Im about to get started porting the simple CMS that I opensourced a few months ago to ColdBox. Its written in CFWheels and is already being used in several production sites. Its super simple (based on Radiant the RoR CMS) and uses the concepts of Laouts, Pages and Snippets… There is a riaforge project for it and a GitHub repo if you interested in taking a look.

  • Russ

Russ, that is great. Quick observation, add output=false to your components. CF is nasty with whitespace.
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