ColdBox, ColdSpring and switching DSN's

How do can I change the DSN dynamically in ColdSpring through ColdBox?

What are you trying to do? Why would you need to change it dynamically?

By using the environment interceptor I have the coldbox.xml setting
<Datasources> depend upon the environment. It works like this:

<!--- coldbox.xml --->
  <Datasource alias="globalDSN" name="myDSNName" dbtype="mysql"
username="" password="" />

<!--- make sure the environmentinterceptor is active --->
<Interceptor class="coldbox.system.interceptors.environmentControl">
  <Property name='configFile'>config/environments.xml.cfm</Property>

<!--- I define the dsn in each environment in the
environments.xml.cfm :--->
<Setting name="" value="mydsnname" />

I use transfer so I call the globalDSN set earlier. globalDSN is set
in the environments.xml:
<Property name="datasourceAlias">globalDSN</Property>
otherwise you just access the value of DSN via getSetting