Coldbox dictionary for CFBuilder does not work as expected

Trying to get the dictionary file for CFBuilder working and having no

Some issues are

- Not updated for latest build of CFBuilder, meaning help file points
to wrong plugin directory.
- Some functions do not work at all . try
       <cfset event. does not yield any assist (tried
adding setView no go)
- Configuration instructions are Biased. For people new to CFBuilder/
Ant/Eclipse, the instructions do not adequately explain what to do.
Especially if on Windows platforms.
   Nothing like trying this on Windows 7 and throwing errors dues to a
write permission issue. Only after figuring out what the path should
be for the properties file.

Basically I think these files should be left out of the builds until
more fully baked. I say this because we have team members who are new
to Coldbox and MVC and trying to install the dictionary files does not
instill any level of confidence in the product. So not a good way to
start things.

Now that said if anybody has any information to enlighten me on this
that would be great. I may be able to help to update the files , but
very busy so can be sure.


Yes, totally agree the thing is that we need people to test the dictionaries out. I don’t believe the full functionality of cfeclipse dictionaries is yet in cfbuilder, so some things might or might not work. I definitely need the community to help out here and try to see if we can make it work.

Also, in the source in the /testing/tools/IDEDictionaries directory is the dictionary builders I created, you can run them and it will spit out the dictionaries for both cfeclipse and cfbuilder. Those can be tweaked if necessary so we can make this work.

Please community, help out?

Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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Ok cool. I thought I was going crazy. Maybe you can add BETA to it.
I don't know much about creating dictionaries. If you have resources
to read. I can start maybe make some changes and submit.