Coldbox distributed caching

New to Coldbox and Transfer and the new Railo 3.1.

Am looking into being able to use the combination of the three to be
able to scale wide.

With this I'm looking for an ORM solution that is able to scale with
the platform.

Does anything exist in the current iterations of the software
mentioned above to allow me to distribute the caching of the ORM
entities shared across multiple instances of a site running on
different servers/jvms, second-level caching.

Something similar to a Hibernate / OSCache or JBoss Cache in Cluster

Would need to support transactions and object invalidation.

Would love to see if this could be done all in CF on JBoss without
having to pull in Spring/Hibernate.

Anybody had any experience with this?

Take a look at TransferSync created by Tom.




Looks promising but it requires Adobe Coldfusion's Event Gateways.
Don't think Railo would support this?


You can integrate with Railo, surely some modification needed to be

Even you modify Transfersync to use Cluster scope of Railo.
I think you have to buy cluster scope extension for Railo3.1 open
source version.