ColdBox EHCache provider for ColdFusion8?

Just curious if anyone's developed an EHCache provider for ColdFusion

I need a caching platform for our CF8-based app and really like the
EHCache platform. There's a project on RIAForge that implements
EHCache ( but I'd prefer to use
CacheBox. We're currently not using either ColdBox or ColdFusion 9,
but are working on migrating to both.

However, after migrating to CF9 I may still prefer to use a separate
EHCache provider, just because it's going to be much easier to upgrade
EHCache if it's decoupled from CF.

Has anyone written a standalone EHCache provider?

Hi Dan,

We have not built one yet, but we can do this for you as part of our ColdBox Professional Services. You may contact us at and we can scope it and quote it for you.