coldbox exception handler

I am trying to use a exception handler. SO i set my colbox.cfc to use this

exceptionHandler = “ehMain.onException”,
onInvalidEvent = “”,
customErrorTemplate = “views/mycustomException.cfm”,

I intentially create an error to occur the view file does get shown on the screen but nothing get logged into the text file. Is there anything else I need set to make it work. Also this is a multi client environment so each client should get it own log file

//Grab the Exception From the request collection var exceptionBean = event.getValue("ExceptionBean");

switch ( exceptionBean.getType() ){
case “Framework.plugins.settings.EventHandlerNotRegisteredException”:
getPlugin(“messagebox”).setMessage(“warning”,“This page does not exist”);

//Manually log the errors using the logger plugin.

//What else, in this case, nothing, the framework will show the exception template

Does anybody have any suggestions