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Title: AjaxProxy.cfc on CFMX 6.1
Thread: AjaxProxy.cfc on CFMX 6.1
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User: bdensmore I have a client who is still on ColdFusion 6.1 and a new feature I built using
ColdBox and ajaxproxy seems to break on their server. Our clients that are on CF
7 and 8 everything works fine.

The error that is returned is:
Cannot invoke
method process on an object of type coldfusion.runtime.struct with named

the error is on line 134 of ajaxproxy.cfc which is where the
super.process() method is being called of the coldboxproxy.cfc.

Does CF 6.1
not like the argumentCollection being passed in like that and wants the
arguments hard coded? That's what it seems like to me anyway.

Has anyone
encountered this?

I'm trying to think of a workaround for this.