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Title: CF 6.1-specific XML error
Thread: CF 6.1-specific XML error
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User: jdbo

Hi, I'm just working to get started with Coldbox; unf. I encountered an issue
with the loadFramework function in the XMLParser.cfc when intializing CB 2.0.3
under CF6.1 on Linux. (I realize with the elimination of Application.cfm usage
with CB 2.5 you'll probably be eliminating 6.1 support, but I figured this might
be useful for the existing 2.0.x versions.)

There appears to be an issue with
the settings file path being passed to the XMLParse built-in function, as
opposed to the contents of the file; under 6.1 this causes the function to fail
with a "Document root element is missing" error.

Swapping the code within the
following conditional clause (on line 131 or so) appears to have done the trick.
//Determine which CF version for XML Parsing method
  if (
settingsStruct["xmlParseActive"] ){
    //get XML for CFMX version 7 and above.
fwXML = xmlParse(instance.FrameworkConfigFile);
    fwXML =

Unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with CF 7.x to really understand what this
clause is supposed to be doing in the first place - does 7.x's XmlParse accept
filepaths as arguments, instead of just XML strings? If so, neat! )

within the same function, I noticed a small issue in the line that tests for the
existence of a CB config file:
    for (i=1; listlen(ConfigXMLFilePath); i=i+1){
...this should be:
    for (i=1; i lte listlen(ConfigXMLFilePath); i=i+1){
otherwise the loop will continue past the end of the list of approved config
file locations, and the "listgetat" functions will throw an error.

from these minor issues, I'm really interested in this framework; I've been
looking at Coldbox this along with Fusebox, Mach-ii, and Model-Glue, and so far
CB seems to map most closely to my working style. Also, your documentation has
been excellent!