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Title: clientstorage plugin caching / timeout issue?
Thread: clientstorage plugin caching / timeout issue?
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I am attempting to use the clientstorage plugin to set and retrieve a couple of
client scope vars. The client data storage location in CF admin is set to purge
client records from the database after 30 days of inactivity. What seems to be
happening is that when the plugin-clientstorage object expires from the cache my
code that loads the plugin and looks for a variable sees it missing and runs the
routines that apply to a first time visitor. CF debugging also shows a new
jsessionid, cftoken and cfid being assigned. Does anyone have any insight on
how to properly use the clientstorage plugin / caching to get the expected
non-coldbox client scope persistence? I'm also going to be using the
sessionstorage plugin and I expect I will need to apply the same knowledge

Thanks for any help,