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Thanks again for your help. I got my new manual cookie based user
tracking code up and working this morning and begain experiencing the SAME
PROBLEMS! After testing in Firefox I discovered that Safari (3.0.4, OS X
10.4.11) is magically deleting cookies from it's plist storage on browser
restart and even as the the browser sits open with no user interaction on the
tab containing the site owning the cookies. As a side note, Firefox is working
with my original CF client scope code as I had been expecting in addition to my
new work. Very frustrating since I've been doing all my initial development in
Safari. I think the recent Safari update introduced the bug, others are
reporting it in the Apple forums. Anyway, I though I'd post this to keep others
from wasting as much time as I did looking at CF / Coldbox for a problem that
was ultimately caused by vanishing cookies in Safari.

As a side note, I
noticed that the interceptor(s) are not included as a line item in the execution
time breakdown. I used the timer plugin (thanks!) to find a slow routine in one
of my interceptors but it might be nice to see them itemized in the default
debugging (if possible).

Thanks again to you and Luis for everything, each
day with Coldbox is more productive than the last!