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Title: ColdBox 2.5.0 Final Release is here!!
Thread: ColdBox 2.5.0 Final Release is here!!
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User: lmajano After several months of development, ColdBox 2.5.0 is finally here. This is a
truly great release and I want to thank God for his guidance. The release
includes tons of new features, updates and fixes. All you need to know about the
framework has been documented and can be found at the current wiki:

Also, a
compatibility guide has been created. Most likely all of your 2.0.3 code will be
compatible. However, you need to understand the changes that 2.5.0 implements,
since it now uses Application.cfc as a bootstrapper. You can find the guide
Many people collaborated on this release and there are too many to name, but
some are: Sana Ullah, Oscar Arevalo, Russ Johnson, Rob Gonda, Brian LeGros, Tom
DeManincor, Matt Quackenbush, Aaron Roberson, Peter Bell, etc...


Well, enjoy this release, and please let me know what are your
thoughts and how "WE, TEAM COLDBOX" can improve on this incredible framework and
software toolkit.

Enjoy this
awesome release!!