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User: lmajano Hi,

First of all, the error on your coldspring declaration is exactly that.
The "name" was never name it was a bug in previous coldboxfactory. The real
arguments are:

<cfargument name="plugin" type="string" hint="The
Plugin object's name to instantiate" >
<cfargument name="customPlugin"
type="boolean" required="false" default="false" hint="Used internally to create
custom plugins.">
<cfargument name="newInstance" type="boolean"
required="false" default="false" hint="If true, it will create and return a new
plugin. No caching or persistance.">

That is the first step. The
second step is to use the new Application.cfc and index.cfm files. This step is
very important, because the boostrapping method has changed, you will actually
get even better performance if you use this. A CF restart is also recommended.
Third, if you are getting a timeout error on coldspring, try to remove it out
of the equation, just don't set it on the coldbox.xml.cfm and try to run the
application. This will tell you if there is a problem in the app or coldspring.