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User: daemach I'm trying to send form values using Ext.Ajax to an event handler using


<cffunction name="doLogin"
access="remote" returntype="any" output="false" returnFormat="json">
arguments["action"] = "main.doLogin">
  <cfset results =
  <cfreturn results>
In my facade method I see arguments.username and arguments.password. Those
don't show up inside main.doLogin, however. How do I pass extra data through
the proxy to the event handler? The event object doesn't exist until I call the
super.process method, so I can't stash it there...

BTW, this problem is
causing the following error, which is a real pain in the neck to read in the
firebug console:

Attribute validation error for tag CFTHROW.
The value of
the attribute type, which is currently Expression, is invalid.
The error
occurred in C:\Projects\Frameworks\coldbox\system\extras\ColdboxProxy.cfc: line