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Title: Coldspring and Custom Plugins
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Thank-you for your help on Friday! I got things to work (I think they were
working, I just had to fire the fwreinit). Now I'm trying to inject a Custom
plugin in to my objects using Coldspring (I got injecting the logger plugin to
work) by passing in a "true" for the second parameter of the getPlugin method
and am getting an error indicating that the app is looking in the system.plugins
directory instead of the location specified in my config file (Unify.plugins).
In my coldspring.xml.cfm file:
<bean id="UnifyUtilityPlugin"
factory-bean="ColdboxFactory" factory-method="getPlugin">
<constructor-arg name="isCustom">

I have a CFC called UnifyUtility in a
"plugins" folder under my app and my config file looks like this:
<Setting name="MyPluginsLocation" value="Unify.plugins" />

Am I
missing something? When I pass the "true" in to the getPlugin method from a
handler, it finds and uses the UnifyUtility plugin but seems to be erroring out
when going through the ColdboxFactory.cfc. Thoughts? Thanks so much!