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Thread: Events, Interceptors, setNextRoute() and persist...
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User: CaptainPalapa Actually, I indicated I used addValue(), but I had used the correct setValue().
Essentially, your code is exactly what I did, so there really was no solution

I discovered last night, though, that other things I was setting into
a session object didn't seem to be there after I did the redirect. I'm not
sure, but my sessions might be clearing themselves out really fast.

I traced
down into the CB code how the persist was done, and it's really nothing more
than a session variables, too, that the framework handles. (Which I wanted,
saving me coding...)

I'm pretty sure this issue is NOT a CB problem...I have
to figure out why my sessions are clearing out. It makes NO sense at all why
that would happen. And it might not be the sessions, so much, as my ColdSpring
is resetting each request. (I tried, and tried, and tried to implement
ColdSpring via CB, but nothing would work...ever. I'm pretty good at following
instructions, but I needed custom ColdSpring setups (local, dev, prod) and
there's nothing in the guide docs on that, so I had to wing it. And I just
couldn't get it right. So I'm just doing it manually now.

- Will B.