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User: lmajano Hi Ben,

I recommend checking this guide out:

It shows you
how to create a JSON Ajax proxy for what you are trying to do. However, if you
want a cleaner solution, I would use the coldboxproxy.

Also, Sana has some
great xml and json plugins here:

So you have
two approaches you can do:

1) Call an event via:

Which will set JSON data in the
request collection and set a view of maybe

[code] = myJSON;

Then on your JSONProxy.cfm template in
your views, you can use Sana's plugin to convert something to JSON or just
output it.

2) Call the coldboxproxy via cfc binding
method: process
arguments: {event=settings.users.listUsers}

So you have two
options which you can follow. I like the first option, because, I can actually
test the event by itself and get the content. However, it is a matter of
personal choice.