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Title: One busy request times out the others
Thread: One busy request times out the others
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User: AndrewClarke Hi. I am developing a site with ColdBox and ColdSpring that has a couple pages
that take a long time (> 5 minutes) to return. During this time, any other
request I make to the application, coldbox.cfm can't execute this code starting
line 71:

<cflock type="exclusive" name="#appHash#" timeout="#lockTimeout#">

I guess my other long-running request has an exclusive lock on
cbController for a good 5-10 minutes.

Is there someway I can rewrite what I'm
doing that bypasses this lock? I've tried turning ColdBox caching off as much
as I can by doing this:

but that hasn't helped.

Thanks and Happy New Year,
- Andrew.