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Well, these are all tough architectual decisions that you must make. At the end
of the day an application layout must make sense to you and also provide you
with easy maintenance.

As all of these applications are different, but share
the same model. I would probably separate into different coldbox apps but all of
them using the same model and configuration files. You can create a shared
directory where you can place your coldspring and transfer files that the
coldbox configuration file reads from. If some of those apps overlap lik

Then maybe you can just package them into
the same app and just create different security strategies.

So again, its all
depending on your problem at hand and how you whant to make them share.
Using ColdBox interceptors (beta1) you can easily tap into the preprocess phase
and actually evaluate credentials and redirect to any handler if possible. This
gives you the ability to create a per handler or event security.

There are
several ways as you can see, you can keep them all under one app, by packaging
handlers and views, but then create different security strategies via
Interceptors. You can even create a top level interceptor that decides what
security interceptor to use (via custom interception).

I hope I did not
confuse you more. In conclusion, go with your instincts of what would be the
most benefitial both maintenance wise and security wise. That is my best advice
to you.