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User: lmajano Hi Daemach,

For improving performance there are several tweaks you can do:
1. Make sure you have report execution times turned OFF in the cf amdinistrator.
2. Make sure on the following settings:

DebugMode = false;
= false;
HandlerIndexAutoReload = false;

3. Try to use the coldbox cache to
store some of the queries you are trying to retrieve. This way a query can be
retrieved every 15 minutes, or whatever you like.

Now as for what you

I'm doing the following in main.onRequestStart:

You shouldn't do it, because debugmode should be a setting in your coldbox.xml
that is turned off anyways. Also, you do not need to tell the framework not to
render anything, because its a call via the proxy anyways. So you are doing two
unnecessary calls.

The event.noRender() should be used, when you are NOT
using the coldboxproxy and you are NOT returning anything back. You are just
processing, a save for example, and finalizing execution.